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Pre-PET scan Jitters!!

Pre-PET scan Jitters!!
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Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
Diane sent you a hug.
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Lol! I've got two words for you Billea: "Valium, Babe"! Hahahaha. Walk in there, pretend that PET Scan is a photo shoot for Wellness Magazine and you'll be ok! Love. Blessings on your scan.
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Praying for peace. I do take something for my nerves prior and try to focus on something fun to do afterwards.
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Fingers and toes crossed.......along with every bit of positive energy I can muster, Billea.
Onward!! 💪🏽💜 Sue
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I have pre MRI jitters for tomorrow. About scared to death they will put me in the (bullet what I call it) I like your purple helmet and have about the same sentiments right now. Maybe after tomorrow they will be gone. Hopefully . Have a wonderful day and hopefully your Pet scan will come out alright.
Lol!! I'm so glad it's not just me!
It came out just fine. I was a nervous wreck before but all is well. I will be crossing my fingers for you tomorrow and saying a prayer for you tonight!! Let me know!!
Was scared to death, hate those damn things, was my first and hopefully my last, about freaked out when they wanted to cover my face although I made it and come home and took a Xanax and a long nap. Almost ready for a good night sleep. Now if it shows nothing will be another plus.
Am glad you are able to take something for your anxiety. If I took something and they knew it they would keep me there all day and I mean all day. They would not let me come home by myself so I guess I will take something after I come home as I know I will be a nervous as a whore in church.
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October 8, 2016


Cancer Survivor

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Pancreas Cancer


November 3, 2015

Stage 2


Having to tell my dad and brother after we lost my mom earlier the same year to cancer.

I'm a fighter just like my mom.

March 1, 2016



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