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My new baby

And since I'm talking babies thought I would post a pic of my new baby Jasper. If you can't tell he's a miniature long haired wienie. And 100% pain in the butt! But he's got me wrapped around his paw for sure. 

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Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
Bill sent you a hug.
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Ohhhhh so cute! And I like his name. I'm sure he will have a wonderful life with you/family. God bless.
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OMG! I want one.
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he is precious, you know god spelled his name backwards to make dog. As it is said, they are mans best friend. Do not know what I would do without my baby. She is 9 y.o. and the best dog I could want, and all mixed up with Lhasa, Pomeranian, poodle, and dachshund. Rescued her and best rescue I could have made. Just love her. She is blind although she does very well.
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OMG! I'm in love.......🐶
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What a cute little pupper. I have been charting my girls weight for fun. How old is Jasper?
Send him over to me! Too cute!
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Happiness in a hospital!!

Hello all! Hope everyone is doing good and hanging in! I've been doing really good. My best friend (aka my sister) had a beautiful baby girl a few days ago. Her husband is in Kuwait/Iraq right now and couldn't be here. He did get to Skype so that was a blessing. He will be home in May finally. I have to say it was a very happy feeling to be at a hospital for something so wonderful instead of something crappy. I'm not very tall and I was running around with my hands over my head and her phone in my hands trying to make sure her husband could see. Luckily her doctor realized and had someone get me a stool to stand on lol. It is unreal the sacrifices our military families endure. I was happy to be there, but wish he could have been there with her a million times more. God bless our troops! :)

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What a wonderful sister you are!! Great thing to share.
Well congratulations Auntie! Yes, it's nice to check into Hotel Illness for something good. My cousin-more like a sister, Janet's husband has had to go over to Afghanistan a couple of times a year for a month stretch. He is a physician and in the USAF Reserves. He flies in to retrieve the wounded. So I too have a lot of respect for their sacrifices. May will be here soon though. What is the baby's name?
Her name is Reese Harper Baxley. :)
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Grrrest name! Harper is one of my favorites.
we have to count on our military and therefore we must support them in every way possible. Was a very gesture to skype that. Don't know if I could have done that myself.
Congratulations! It's so nice to receive good news on this website: your new doggie, new niece, John's new granddaughter, weddings, etc. Despite illness, life goes on........💜💪🏽
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