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PET Scan Time

Time has flown by! Think of y'all often and hope everyone is good. I was waiting to post until after my pet scan. Had it on the 21st and got the all clear! 🎉Year and half out from my surgery and doing better than ever. Busy working, kiddos, and counting my blessings. So good to check in and see how everyone is doing! God bless everyone and hope you all have a very happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

Susan J, April threw a punch at your cancer.
Nancy sent you a hug.
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Good to hear your pet scan result were great!
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Hope mine comes out as good in September. You have a happy 4th also
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I just went to pancreatic cancer action Networks advocacy day in Washington DC and there are 100 people out of the almost 700 who were there who are more than five years survivors whereas when they started there were none so it was very moving to say the least I have a feeling you are one of those who are going to be very very very long time Survivor and that makes me happy I'm so glad your pet scan was good that you are happy and feeling Joy and wish all that you wish for yourself
Love neal
Thank you so much!!
YAY! What wonderful news!
Thanks for keeping us posted, Billea - and have a great summer enjoying those kiddos. I just LOVE hearing when pancreatic cancer patients are doing well!
XO Sue💜💪🏽
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Well I'm so happy to hear this! And this news comes st a good time do you can enjoy any planned vacation too. God bless all future scans, labs, etc.😘
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It's been too long!

Hello my friends. It's been too long since my last post. my earlier posts I've always said I have had no complications from my whipple. Well can't say that anymore. I started pushing my limits as far as what I was eating and drinking and it bit me in the butt! Trip to the ER at 3am kind of a bite! I think deep down I knew I was pushing my luck but it was nice being a little bit in denial. Well! Back to reality. Low fat is key and no more cokes. Also talked to my doctor about my stress and anxiety. Getting help with that has been huge. I was in denial about that too! My weight is dropping and that worries me a little. Hard to go low fat and be careful but not lose too much weight in the process. Moving forward I know that I have been extremely lucky with my diagnosis. So lucky I can almost forget. Until my body reminds me. So I'm listening to my body like I never have before. Eating healthy and trying to find balance in every aspect of my life. And it's working. Doing much better now. I hope all of you are doing good too! Hang tough out there!

Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
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Hi Billea! Ensure. And if you can't handle the milky taste, they make one like juice; comes in mixed berry and peach, to supplement your eating. It's tough to gain back sometimes when you lose, though you are much younger than me. I like fats/fried foods, but they don't like me, lol, so I get what you're saying. Happy Spring! Stay well, God bless.
I've never seen the juice flavored ensure. I will have to check them out. Thank you!!
HOW IS JASPER?!! Getting him a photo expose' with the Easter Bunny? My two were afraid of him, so I had my photo taken with him, at the mall, lol.
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He is awesome!! Completely different from Tucker (my weenie dog that I've had for 8 years). Just like kids they couldn't be more different than if I had a Great Dane and a poodle. I will post a new pic soon. If he will be still for longer than two seconds. Lol.
It is so easy to want to be in denial especially in regards to your diet. I so want to eat what I want, but my body reminds this is not going to happen. I remind myself of the things that I should appreciate, such as having legs to walk and so much more in life. Eating healthy is a good thing, but sometimes it is hard to gain the weight. Perhaps, you can get answers from the Pancreatic Cancer Action network as to eating to gain.
How about Rx pancreatic enzymes like Creon or Zenpep? My husband prefers Creon, and he has been able to eat almost normally aince his 2010 Whipple so long as he takes his enzymes with every meal and snack. It's a shame to have to say goodbye to foods you love (and that will help to keep your weight up).
Wonderful to hear from you. Your attitude that you are lucky in your diagnosis is truly inspirational! XO💜💪🏽
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My doctor suggested probiotics. I will check out Creon. I didn't eat much junk before so it hasn't been too hard. It's just tricky to eat healthy outside of my own kitchen. I love oklahoma with all my heart. But our menus tend to be full fat with a side of gravy lol. The cokes were the hardest to give up for me. But I'm hanging. Drinking water and throwing a Gatorade in if I need some flavor. Finding my new normal. 😊
Please - look into the Creon. Truly, it will change your life!
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