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2017 (5)

June (1)

PET Scan Time: Time has flown by!! Think of y'all often and hope everyone is good. I was waiting to post until afte...

March (1)

It's been too long!: Hello my friends. It's been too long since my last post. my earlier posts I've always said I...

February (2)

My new baby: And since I'm talking babies thought I would post a pic of my new baby Jasper. If you can't tell he'...
Happiness in a hospital!!: Hello all!!! Hope everyone is doing good and hanging in! I've been doing really good. My best friend...

January (1)

Missing my mom. : This night two years ago I was holding my moms hand. I ran my fingers through her hair just like she...

2016 (5)

December (3)

Happy New Year!!: I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year, but also say thank you. Thank you for love and support ...
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year: Received the all clear yesterday after my 6 month CT!! My husband and I talked and we think next yea...
Anniversary : Hello everyone!! Sorry it's been awhile since my last post. Hope all of you had a really good thanks...

October (2)

So happy to have found BFAC!!!!: I am so happy to have found BFAC!! To have a place that I understand and that I am understood is a n...
Hello: This is my first post and I don't even know what to say. So I'll introduce myself. My name is Billea...

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October 8, 2016


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Pancreas Cancer


November 3, 2015

Stage 2


Having to tell my dad and brother after we lost my mom earlier the same year to cancer.

I'm a fighter just like my mom.

March 1, 2016


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